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March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017

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The Special Ingredient

March 2, 2017





Hi guys, I know I have been missing for a little while now but it was for a good reason. Blogging has been a very interesting activity for me but I took a little time to apply the basic principles I have been talking about here and it has been a very exciting 2 months. So far, it has been fun working with Soul sensation - Waje. I have been working with her team and gradually, there has been change and we are all happy with work but that’s a conversation for another day. Today we will be talking about “The Special Ingredient”.




Last weekend, I was having a BBM conversation with one of my contacts and he was asking me a few questions. Basically, he was picking my brain… for free… while I was trying to sleep. You know yourself! One question he asked struck a cord though…




“…What are the key components of a plan (for an artiste)… apart from objectives, strategy, responsibility, timeline and budget…”




I thought for little while about how many times I had been asked that same question and I tried to remember the responses I had given other people. More like the gibberish I had always cooked up as a response to other people and it hit me and I typed…




“It is the artiste and the Music”




This article is really about writing plans but also, not really! I mean, there are so many websites where you could find steps to writing proposals Just make google your friend. What I really want to achieve is to show you what you need to consider after downloading the template. So help me God… 




Everyone is looking for that key ingredient for their plan and proposals when developing and promoting their artistes or talent, so the order of the day is to visit the internet search engines to search and download all sorts of templates that they don’t end up using. Then they get frustrated that they were unable to figure it out. The reason is simple; you are forcing someone else’s plan on your artistes!




It is the artiste and the type of music that determines what the direction of the plan would be.




Let me explain better… Every artiste is peculiar and this personal style influences the person’s music, or how they interact with the media and the public or their fans. So, the strategy I may develop for artiste “A” would be different from what I would develop from artiste “B”. Even when they are similar and compete in the same space, they are different people and a plan needs to embody the lifestyle and sometimes the temperance of the artiste, if allowed. Though there may be a team working in the background, it is the artiste that would attend the interviews and the events and the tour etc. The artiste drives a promotions campaign and their personalities and lifestyle play a huge role in determining how a plan should be drafted.




When you write a proposal to or a plan for a major sponsor of an event or to get business from any organization, there is one very important factor you would need to consider, the target audience! This principle also applies to developing a plan for an artiste. The artiste needs to see the practicality of the plan and how they fit in to bring it to fruition. People see things differently and if that artiste cannot understand his/her role and how it will be done, they will struggle.




MI and Naeto C are both rappers, in the same space but somehow, they have been able to clearly separate their brands from each other’s and still capture mind-share and most important, a huge share of the markets they sell their craft to because I can guarantee that people are still buying.




Waje and Tiwa Savage would be another good example. Though the final goal is to capture and acquire mind-share and market share, they are two different people that have used their peculiar individual characteristics to reach out to their fans. And they are doing this very well.




The sky is a very big place and when you are able to find a route for your artiste, own it and take advantage. Opportunities will come; seize them. But also train yourself to see these opportunities and planning, strategy and practice can help you do that! This will keep you ahead of the pack.




While a plan is basically a set of actions that lead to achievable, expected goals, strategy is more about providing a set of options or the best ways to reach the set goals. So, a plan is a plan, its basic… its what they taught you in school. The reason for which you write a plan gives it life and meaning… 


In this context, the talent gives the plan meaning, life and direction. That’s the special Ingredient!






If this is the first article you have read on this blog, I would encourage you to read the others and share your opinion/comments.




Also, COSON (The Copyrights Society of Nigeria) has given me the green light to carry out an exercise on my blog so watch this space.




COSON is the sole collective management organization (CMO) approved by the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) to act on behalf of authors, composers, performers, publishers of Musical works and owners of sound recordings in Nigeria

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