May 15, 2017

March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017

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The "In-efficient" Professionals!

March 2, 2017



"He speaks really well… and he seems to know what he is talking about. He dresses well and sounds very educated"


"…I hear he knows people too. I like what he said about image building and radio distribution"


"Oh? What did he say about those? I must have missed it"


"Well, he said we need to do it and he knows the radio guys and Djs and he said we should do a photoshoot and create a theme"


"Oh, Cool! Lets hire him"


This, my friends, is the conversation between two clueless Nigerian label owners who have been sold a truck load of BULLSHIT! :|


A lot of people don't smell it because they have been blown away by neat clothes, name dropping, and interesting vocabulary so all they smell is smoke. Also, they know nothing about the industry but thats a topic for another day. Yes, I hoard info… its content!


The truth is, most of the time you can't tell who is sure of what they are saying or those talking out of their ass. In the Nigerian Music industry, they are like the Chinese... too many of them all over the place!


There is no system or structure in the Nigerian music industry so there are no defined criteria for assessing "professionals" in the business. 


The sentence above is everybody's excuse... EVERYBODY including yours truly.


There is a saying that chaos opens our eyes to opportunities... something like that! And the Nigerian music industry is not an exception to that rule... We are just lazy! Too lazy to develop strategies that would work for all on a large scale and for the long haul! Too lazy to develop and test business models or to recognize and apply models that are most likely going to work. Too damn lazy.


An industry is a branch of economic and commercial activities... These activities are created by businesses. If this logic makes any sense to you then the progress of the music industry is in the hands of the businesses... lets free the Government for now. We have done well without them, no? No? ok


Anyway, every business needs an operations strategy, a marketing strategy, a financial plan and structure, public relations, research, risk analysis, feasibility reports etc... basically a plan! Your Plan tells you who you need to hire, partner with or compete with and why. It provides a scientific approach to achieving organizational goals. "If we do ABC, we will get a possible outcome XYZ." That kind tin


So this is my challenge to all of us... Independent label owners and execs, music business consultants and especially talent managers.. how do we all create those strategies that guarantee solutions, create jobs and most important, gradually directs and turns the music industry into a more structured system? If you went to school this is a good time to show it... and if you missed that bus, this is a good time to pick up a damn book, attend a seminar and ask a few questions. There are answers EVERYWHERE, just ask the right questions!!!


So... let's challenge ourselves to be more efficient and more effective. Professionalism is simply an element of efficiency! Lets stop messing about and all get to work. Stop trying to take over the world and actually DO IT!!!! Eliminate the inefficient professional in you, today!



Its bigger than me... its bigger than you... but it can never be bigger than Us!


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